The Quest for the Absolute

Series by Benoit Lapray

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"When they asked me to do Catwoman, I didn’t have to study the character of a cat-woman. I was living like a cat all my life, and I think in many ways I still do."

- Eartha Kitt (via fromthemotionpicture)

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I don’t know about you miss kitty, but I feel so much yummier

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…I’m asking for a friend. ::: @harperleighhollywood

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@sktv_ is the king of hashtags.

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8/30/14 IG taesface

Why is she so perfect.

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"A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading."


William Styron, Conversations with William Styron (via kushandwizdom)

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"The rage of the oppressed is never the same as the rage of the privileged."

- bell hooks (via beanrot)

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how do you bring a black child into a world that plots their destruction before they leave the womb? how do you explain to a black child that their life is a crime, that they will be hated for existing? how do you weight your own love heavily enough to stand up to every force that tells a black child they are unlovable by definition? how do you bring a black child into this world?

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If you’ve ever doubted yourself, walk deep into any forest. Notice how the trees still stand even though they are given no recognition. Walk along any stream. The water still flows, though no one stops to praise it. Watch the stars late at night; they shine without acknowledgment. Humans are just the same. We are made out of the same elements as these beautiful wonders. Always remember your beauty and self worth. 

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The ‘yes or no’ game.



You can ask me anything and I’ll answer honestly, but only with yes and no.

do this


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Kill Bill vol. 1 (2003)

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