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R.I.P. to my big fake spectacles. They were good to me for many years.They will be missed. #brokenglasses #brokenheart

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We’re dedicated to being a platform for emerging and mid-career artists of color. Our current exhibition, ARE YOU YOU, features the stunning work of Shantell Martin. While Shantell’s distinctive, dreamlike black-and-white drawings have been featured everywhere from the Jimmy Kimmel Show to the New York Times to Vogue Magazine, ARE YOU YOU is her first solo museum exhibition. We were thrilled to hand her a pen and watch her transform our open gallery into a playful, exciting drawing installation. Catch ARE YOU YOU before it closes on July 27.


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Drawing on People. On June 28th I invited people to become a part of my solo show at MoCADA Museum by allowing me to draw on them.

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Quvenzhané Wallis on set while shooting the new Fall/Winter campaign for Armani Junior 2014 (video).

So adorable

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East Crust is da best crust.

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Troplala 2 Piece Romper (available at Outfit Made)

18° 15’ N, 77° 30’ W

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Ebony girl : http://ebony-bikini-fashion.blogspot.com/

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this child is more beautiful than any adult i’ve ever seen

she is truly precious!

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Lily Lightbourn

Black Girls Killing It Shop BGKI NOW 

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How To Ruin Your Life


Get stuck. Stay in one place your whole life. Always order vanilla even though the menu is four pages long. Become the type of person who sends back lattes. Save up your money for a plasma TV instead of a plane ticket. Talk a lot about things you know nothing about. Have an affair…

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